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Technical Ingredients & Formulation

We are a manufacturer of technical materials using imported raw materials whose quality is guaranteed. We use these technical materials ourselves to produce branded final products. We also promote these technical ingredients and formulations to other companies that produce final products with their respective brands.


Our production processes such as setting temperature, pressure, processing time, and reactors that are equipped with balances, are controlled and computerized through a control room with strict supervision. By using computerization, we make the right arrangements for how ingredients are used according to a predetermined composition, and also ensure the use of active ingredients under the required dosage, so that the quality and consistency of the products we produce are guaranteed.

The technical materials we produce per year are 4,800 tons (2022), including:

Why Our Products?

Low Impurity

All agrochemicals that we produce do not contain dirt /impurities that can cause unwanted side effects that can harm food crops and the surrounding natural environment.

After Sales Service

To provide maximum service to consumers, we have a special team spread across each province to provide counseling and consultation on agricultural issues for government agencies, plantations, and small and large-scale farmers.

WHO and FAO standards

Our products are also under the requirements of international agencies WHO and FAO where as long as applied with the right dose, all of our products are safe for consumers and the environment, in the sense that they do not damage the soil, water, or plants, and animals in the vicinity.