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Branded Finished Product

Apart from producing technical materials and formulations, we also produce branded finished products that are ready for use. For this finished product, we continue to make developments and innovations to continue to increase product variants with different brands. As of 2022, we have launched 36 product brands with different functions.

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Some of our product functions:

Why Our Products?

Low Impurity

All agrochemicals that we produce do not contain dirt /impurities that can cause unwanted side effects that can harm food crops and the surrounding natural environment.

After Sales Service

To provide maximum service to consumers, we have a special team spread across each province to provide counseling and consultation on agricultural issues for government agencies, plantations, and small and large-scale farmers.

WHO and FAO standards

Our products are also under the requirements of international agencies WHO and FAO where as long as applied with the right dose, all of our products are safe for consumers and the environment, in the sense that they do not damage the soil, water, or plants, and animals in the vicinity.