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Market & Distribution

Market Share and Distribution Channels

With strong marketing teams located in various provinces throughout the country, our marketing reach extends to all parts of Indonesia.


Our products are marketed through a single main distributor located in each province of Indonesia and distributed to stores througout the province by district level distributors. PT Adil Makmur Fajar gives to each main distributor the exclusive right to sell a brand as sole distributor for one province. Having brand ownership provides a business advantage for the appointed sole distributor and indicates that PT Adil Makmur Fajar wishes distributors to enjoy the benefits of being a sole distributor.


We have also not ruled out the possibility of export channels. In 2003, we began producing Paraquat Dichloride 42% Tech and have been exporting this product to Malaysia.


We also market our products through agents. Support is given to agents who have succesfully marketed certain brands so that the agent can maintain a good level of profit. Agents cater specifically to clients that are private plantations, government estates or projects funded by governments, private or international bodies.