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The Strength of Our Products

High Level of Purity
As a producer supported by laboratories to perform testing, we can guarantee that the raw material we use to produce our agrochemical products have a high degree of purity. This means that the agrochemical products we produce do not contain substances or impurities which could cause undesirable side effects that may negatively impact the crops or the surrounding environment.

WHO and FAO Standards

Furthermore, all our products are also in compliance with the requirements of international agencies such as the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization, wherein all our products, if used according to the correct dosage, are safe for consumers and the environment in terms of not damaging the soil, water, plants and animals.

After Sales Services

To provide maximum service to consumers, we have special teams that are located in every province to provide agriculture problem counselling and consultation to government agencies, plantations and agriculture estates, large and small-scale farmers. In each province, the team is led by an agronomist and assisted by field assistants that are present in almost every district. All the processes of problems that may arise we handle in a responsive manner that prioritises providing a solution for the consumer.